HSC 2021 Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 3

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HSC 2021 Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 3

Postby stoo23 » Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:02 pm

With a few occasional entrants missing this time, we still had 8 keen Porsche racers fronting up for battle, so we ran 2 x heats of 4.

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Even with Brad missing we could have had 9, but Cody's car suffered a very strange motor failure during practice, so Cody ended up running Wayne's car, with Wayne choosing to 'Sit this one out'.

Race 1:

This was actually quite a close race, with everyone changing positions, almost every bracket, with Jake even holding every position at some stage of the race.

SAM_4061.jpg (396.49 KiB) Viewed 401 times

Darryl and Dale chose to start on Purple and Black respectively, which allowed Rodney and Jake to run closely together for the first 4 brackets, remaining only a lap or two apart until Rodney gained a further advantage by the end of the 5th bracket.

Dale managed to quickly progress up the leader board, to be in 1st by the end of the 3rd bracket, with Darryl having a slightly less 'inspiring' run and remaining slightly behind the Jake and Rodney 'show' until the 6th bracket, finally getting ahead of Jake and beginning to battle for 2nd with Rodney.

Dale, was being his 'typical' super consistent self and slowly but surely putting more 'daylight' between himself and the 'chasers', holding down the lead, to eventually finish with 321 laps and a 5 lap advantage over Darryl who only Just managed to 'pip' a fast charging Rodney by just over a second.
The 2 of them finishing on the same lap, also 5 laps up on Jake.

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Race 2:

I must admit, I was expecting a much closer and harder race and to be 'typically' chasing and trying to minimize Cody's advantage over me,.. let alone anyone else,... lol,.. so was somewhat pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

SAM_4063.jpg (401.27 KiB) Viewed 401 times

Once again, I managed to get a great start and advantage on the field, by the time of the first 'track call'.

John was running well, initially holding 2nd ahead of Mark, who was running on the outside lanes early, until he finally got ahead with a 3 lap advantage over John by the end of the 5th bracket after his turn on Purple and Black.

Cody, whilst often turning some quick lap times, was Not having a great evening and perhaps also Not really 'enjoying' the handling (or perhaps lack thereof), of Wayne's car,.. it seemingly causing him a degree of grief race long, although his final deficit, was exacerbated by a very poor total on Purple of only 34 laps,.. due to a slight problem with the car.

I have to say, I was having a 'dream run',.. the melee seemingly happening elsewhere and was quietly very happy with my driving, speed and lack of de-slots :), which allowed me to still be ahead of Mark after my 'stint' on Purple and Black, although slightly annoyed I only did 39 on Purple :cry:

The positions remained the same from the 5th bracket onwards, Mark finishing in 2nd, quite a few laps ahead of John in 3rd, with Cody managing to claw back some of his deficit with a great 43 laps on White towards the end, to finish in a very untypical 4th 3 laps behind John.

Overall, some great times and totals in both this race and the previous one, with Dale managing to come home 3rd overall on the night, with Mark in 2nd and (as mentioned previously), am also especially pleased with my own performance, managing to finish with a New 4 Minute Total of 331 laps, comparing very satisfyingly with Cody's previous best of 330.

Scan_20210526 (2).jpg
Scan_20210526 (2).jpg (126.9 KiB) Viewed 401 times

Overal Placings; Stoo 1st, Mark 2nd & Dale 3rd
SAM_4067.jpg (440.2 KiB) Viewed 401 times

Once again, the track was in a great 'state of prep' and am sure everyone had a great evenings' racing.