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Postby stephhwebsterr » Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:29 pm

Friday November 21st 2014
Plafit 1/32 Modern GT Div 1 & 2
Track on @ 6:30pm
Qualifying @ 7:00pm
Racing straight after

Saturday, November 22nd
Plafit Mini Z, 1/24th Historic Sports & Canam, Lexan GroupC
Track on @ 5.30pm
Qualifying @ 6:00pm
Racing straight after
Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, TQ & Concourse.
- Steph :D

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Postby stoo23 » Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:00 pm

Well,... What Can I say,... and perhaps More to the point, to Whom would I be saying it and it would seem,.. Who the Hell Cares !!??

I have been racing slot cars on and off for 40 plus Years and NEVER, EVER in my Experience have I witnessed such a situation as seen over the last 2 days !!

Just in case you were wondering what I am trying to describe,..check the Title of this Thread,.. "NSW State Titles" !!!,.. Not just some lowly Club racing event,....

1/32 Modern GT

Unfortunately,.. Just like Last Year,..I was unable to attend this event due to having to work and also similarly to Last Year, I had 'built' a New Div'2 car for one of the Local racers,..made somewhat more difficult, by having some 'stitches' in my right hand index finger,..making it slightly difficult to do Anything with, let alone 'mess about' with a Meccano Set !!,..lol

I 'delivered' and tested both Dales re-built Mosler and the New Corvette and was extremely pleased with Both,..the Corvette, proving to be Very Smooth and Fast, so was atleast satisfied that both cars were performing well and so called the raceway from work to find out how the new car went in the race,...Only to be informed by James, that;

"There Was NO Racing Here Tonight !!",..Only Dale had turned up to race,..I mean WTF !!??,... Even the person I had built the new car for and had even Paid for it,..did Not actually 'front-up' to race it !!,..???? go figure,... sigh.

1/24th Historics
Lexan Group C

Having been somewhat disappointed to have not been able to attend the previous evenings ,.. Racing ??!!,..Yeah Right,.. as I do Not own a Mini-Z, I Was really looking forward to, what has over the last few Years proven to be a Great couple of classes/races, in both Historics and Group C.

BUT,... as it transpired, ONLY Dale and I turned up to race !!!

A TRULY Extraordinary outcome,..that at Most,..ONLY 1 or 2 people turned up to take part in the STATE TITLES for what Was previously suggested by Some,..to be The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Slot Car Racing !!!!

No Matter which way you choose to View this situation,..it IS rather sad, not merely for Slot Racing overall,..but Also for the Lack of Support for a Raceway and it's Very Keen owner James, who has Now been left with a not inconsiderable Bill for apparently Unwanted Trophies.

Like I said at the beginning of this 'Report', a Truly Unbelievable situation for a Major State Event !!

If there was Any doubt as to the Possible Death of Plafit racing at HSC, then This event managed to 'Drive Home' the Last few Nails in the Coffin, at what was a Very Sadly, poorly Attended,.. FUNERAL.

My thanks, (and I am sure also Dale's), go out to James and Co' for 'Attempting' to put on what Has Always been Great Racing, at a Great Venue.