HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 2

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HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 2

Postby stoo23 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:10 pm

A slightly Smaller number of entrants turned up for Round 2 of the HSC Porsche Cup Sprint series last night, which was a bit of a shame, although both Mark Fox & Darryl Toole are currently overseas and I think some were racing Interstate, which may have been a reason for the reduced numbers.

I certainly Hope so !! and hoping that This Series doesn't go the same way as some of the other racing at HSC, of late, with generally Reduced (and sometimes seriously So) numbers,.. although it has to be said, there Were Quite a few who turned up to race 'Wing 12's' last Night !!

Due to the Smaller numbers and to aid in the overall 'process' of events, Qualifying, was 'Dispensed' with and as there would be 2 x races of 4, Lane Draws were the order of the day. Also, the overall Bracket Length, was Increased to 5 minutes, instead of the previous round's 4 minutes, which was an arguably Good decision !!
Much like Way back when Wayne and I started racing, 5 minutes was 'The Norm' and is a goodly length of time for Each Bracket.

Once again, Wayne Bramble kindly lent me His car to run, which was Once again very Much Greatly appreciated and definitely made for a Fun evening for myself !!
Although I AM going to HAVE to try and work out how to be Both Faster AND Do More laps on Purple and Especially Black !!! :lol:
At least I Remembered to bring my Own Controller this time !! :D

NB: On the race Sheets, Pink shows the Evening's Best and Yellow, the heat's best.

Heat 1:

This heat consisted of Jake, Ian, Rodney and myself and was overall a fairly Clean and fast race.
I managed to make a good start and run a pretty good first bracket, trying Damn hard to get a bit of a lead on Jake, but he was driving pretty well and definitely Kept me 'Honest' and was in fact close enough to actually 'Snatch' the lead from me in the 4th bracket after a 'cautious' but rather dismall performance by myself on Black !!,.. grrr,.. sigh,.. :lol: and being 3 laps Up as I headed onto yellow.

Rodney was motoring along OK, but didn't seem to have the same pace as myself and Jake and was slowly increasing his lead over Ian, who was/is Still 'learning' and getting used to traveling in the (for Him), opposite direction than he is used to :lol: , but was doing Quite well and was getting more of a 'handle' on it as the race progressed.

I managed to re-take the lead in the 6th bracket and with Jake on Purple, Black and Yellow, with myself on Orange, White and Red, managed to increase my lead by a number of laps, (as one would expect), to eventually finish ahead.
Mind you, Jake set some Fast times on Both purple and Black, as can be seen from the Race Sheets, so he Wasn't 'hanging Around' :lol:

Rodney seemed to strike 'trouble' in the 7th bracket, with his car noticeably making an odd sound, which caused some un-scheduled 'Pit Time' and a poor total on green and whilst it seemed (initially) to have been Sorted, I guess it Wasn't, as he was still having 'issues' and only ran 17 laps in the Last bracket, which allowed Ian to overhaul him finishing with a 'PB' on Green of 50 !! and take 3rd, Well Done !!
Ian's lap totals Would have been far higher and have been much closer to Rodney AND Jake, had he also Not have had his Own 'issue' when on orange, turning Only 28 laps.

I was quite pleased with My driving, (apart from Black :( :lol: ) and didn't make too many Unforced errors and was delighted with the pace of the car and My times, even setting a 'Best' for the Night total of 52 on green !!
So a Hearty thanks Must go to Wayne for once again lending me such a usefully Quick Car,.. Even 'Painted' in My Old 'Wing Car' colour of choice,.. Flouro yellow or as I think it was always referred to Chartreuse and hey I don't mind the Odd JD or 2 :lol:

SAM_3815.jpg (285.3 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

SAM_3813 copy.jpg
SAM_3813 copy.jpg (305.71 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 2 003 copy.jpg
HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 2 003 copy.jpg (177.46 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

SAM_3816 copy.jpg
SAM_3816 copy.jpg (395.45 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

Heat 2:

In some ways, this was Once again, another 'White-Wash' by Cody,.. :lol: ,.. Although Dad Wayne managed to get a slender 1 lap lead at the end of the first bracket and actually managed to saty relatively Close until He ran Purple and Black when Cody 'Put hi Stamp' on the overall outcome.
It does have to be said, that Cody WAS absolutely 'honking' around !!
Doing the Evening's Best bracket totals on 5 of the lanes Even being faster AND doing more laps on Purple, than Wayne running Green !!

Cody set the fast times On ALL lanes, although Both Wayne and I Were Close a few times with Wayne doing the best Lane total on Orange of 53.

Jason 'seemed' to started out ok,.. being on the same lap or Seriously closely 'shadowing Wayne,.....BUT,.. it All went VERY Wrong in the 3rd bracket, with the car taken Off the track and spending a Lot of time in the Pits, he returned the car to the track and I thought it seemed OK,.. but was apparently Not to His 'satisfaction', as he was a bit displeased with How the car was Now Running/handling,.. compared to how it was (Initially in Practice), due to an Unfortunate 'incident',... Prior to the start of racing,.. Jason Only turning 7 laps, then Standing down for the rest of the race,.. which was a bit Dull for All concerned,.. let alone himself !!

This Obviously made for a very fast and clean race, (with so Few runners) and In effect guaranteed everyone running a heat Podium place :lol:
John, seemed to be slowly starting to 'get the hang' of HSC's small track and I am sure More Laps and racing will Only Help, along with some subtle car 'tuning' but finished a credible 5th in the overall outcome of Both Heats,.. well done !!

SAM_3818.jpg (255.32 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

SAM_3817 copy.jpg
SAM_3817 copy.jpg (503.26 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 2 002 copy.jpg
HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 2 002 copy.jpg (185.82 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

SAM_3819 copy.jpg
SAM_3819 copy.jpg (459.24 KiB) Viewed 5616 times

Picture1.jpg (15.83 KiB) Viewed 5604 times

All in all, another Fun event and also a quite close run thing between Wayne and myself, which was rather Funny as well, as after finishing My Heat, Wayne suggested that All HE had to do was Finish at Worst, 1 lap ahead of me and,,.... as can be seen from the race sheets,.. that IS Exactly What he Did !!,.. :lol: ,.. In My Defence I can Only suggest that Wayne's race was far cleaner (there being Only the 3 of them),.. Plus myself doing the 'Correct' Team orders 'thing' and Not wanting to Beat the team Leader,.. With His Own car !!!,... :lol:

Anyway,.. I Hope everyone that raced had a Good time, (with the exception perhaps of Jason ,.. sadly) and we get even more entrants for the Next round !!
Thanks to all who turned up and see you all at the next round.