HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 4

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HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 4

Postby stoo23 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:45 am

The 4th round of 5 of the HSC "SlotWorx" Porsche Cup Sprint series was run this last weekend and whilst we did have a couple of extra (New & returned) racers, we were also Missing a few of the previous attendees and so Sadly, Only had 7 Entries, 1 Less than last round.

From the inaugural round with 13 starters and the hope / belief of more intending to race in the following rounds,.. it is a bit disappointing to have so few actually turning up to race in what has so far, been an Excellent series that has consistently provided some great racing.

A perhaps interesting and intriguing aspect of the regulars, is that virtually None of them are what one could describe as 'Scale Racers', as such.

Was good to see Jake back to race with us again (after apparently forgetting about the actual date of the last round !!,.. lol) and also great to see Dale return to have a run with his Brand New Gulf liveried car.

We were also once again 'Serenaded' by the sound of another 'Healthy' group of Wing 12 racers battling it out simultaneously on the Big track :D

With the Low numbers and no spare/free humans to provide marshaling duties, we Had to have 2 x Heats of 4 and 3.

Heat 1:

Jake, Dale, Darryl and John lined up at the start for this heat and whilst 1st, was held throughout by John, it was All Very close behind him, with all the other placings changing race long.
There was Never really more than 2 to 3 laps across the whole field, (until the final 2 x brackets), with many brackets finishing with people either a mere lap down to John or being on the Same lap as each other and at times John as well !!

Dale seemed to be having a good run with his New car,

SAM_3854.jpg (382.77 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

pretty much holding down 3rd for the whole race and doing both consistent lap times and totals (apart from a Poor run on Red, which had he done a more typical total, would have easily advanced him into 2nd place) and a few more laps on Black may even have seen him in 1st !!!
The car could probably do with some fine tuning and will undoubtedly get better as the brand new motor 'Runs In' as did the new tyres as the race progressed.

Jake also drove quite well getting himself up to be on the same lap as John during the 6th bracket and would definitely have been a Force to reckon with, with less Unforced errors.

Darryl was also driving well and seemingly holding down 2nd, until a poor run on Yellow dropped him to his eventual 4th, so probably Not the most 'memorable' evening / event for himself,.. :( :? :o

Going into the last bracket, there was Only a lap between each of the 3 placeholders but with Dale on Purple, Jake on Blue and John doing a great job on White and turning in a 'PB' of 51, it ended with 2 laps between each of the Podium places and had John as arguably the 'Worthy' Winner, which also allowed John to claim a very well deserved 3rd place in the overall placings on the Night. Well done !!!

SAM_3852 copy.jpg
SAM_3852 copy.jpg (333.48 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

SAM_3857.jpg (345.98 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

SAM_3858 copy.jpg
SAM_3858 copy.jpg (434.7 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 4 copy.jpg
HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 4 copy.jpg (175.59 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

Heat 2:

Well I guess with just 3 of us this could be a fairly Clean race and whilst I may have used a few superlatives to exclaim how fantastic the last round was in Heat 2,.. this was another fantastic race !!
Well perhaps for Cody and myself that is, as Wayne seemed to be both slightly down on Pace AND form, as whilst there were Very Few unforced errors and de-slots by the two of us, Wayne was definitely Not having as good a time as in the past rounds or would be his normal Mode of operation !!

Cody, it has to be said, was Truly 'On Form', with a car that was handling extremely well and with Great pace from the Motor that was previously in Wayne's car and as can be seen from the Race sheets, he certainly Stamped his Authority on this race, managing (Once again), to turn the Fastest laps on Every lane and apart from My total of 53 on Red and us sharing a couple of totals on Blue & Orange, managed to set Impressively High Lap totals on the other remaining lanes !!!

For the Most part, the marshals had virtually Nothing to do race long, as (apart from the few extra errors by Wayne), you could count the total number of All the de-slots Without having to take off your shoes and socks !!!,.. lol

Both Cody and myself also managing to raise our Best lap Totals for the series by a couple of Laps !!
I honestly don't know How hard Cody was driving, (although I would have to suggest he WAS pretty serious !!,..lol).
I was driving Damn Hard to try and stay as close as I could, seemingly to no avail I must say !!,.. perhaps my close finish in the Last round was an incentive for This 'Performance' !!,.. :o ;) ;) :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

SAM_3860 copy.jpg
SAM_3860 copy.jpg (386.63 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

SAM_3861 copy.jpg
SAM_3861 copy.jpg (472.83 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 4 001 copy.jpg
HSC Porsche Cup Rnd 4 001 copy.jpg (159.48 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

Overall Placings:

overall placings copy.jpg
overall placings copy.jpg (32.61 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

It was funny that as I was purchasing my Kebab roll from our good and long time friend across the road at the "Sultan", he asked if I was going to Win and I replied that as Cody was running, probably NOT, but that if I could manage to finish 2nd again,,.. it was Almost as good as a Win !!!,.. :lol:

With the Spare new car recently built by Wayne;

SAM_3855.jpg (462.85 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

SAM_3856.jpg (345.04 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

which Is I believe currently available for Purchase !! :) ;) ;)

We Could, (with available 'Spare' humans to marshal ofcourse), have had a Great Full track line up for this race !!,.. :) ;) ;) :D

SAM_3863.jpg (334.37 KiB) Viewed 3158 times

Anyway, once again, this really was, another fantastic and extremely enjoyable Race meeting, with the track in Great condition and seemingly just another typically Enjoyable evening's racing at HSC !! :D

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Re: HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 4

Postby Mark Fox » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:22 pm

Great report Stoo
Certainly looks like Cody had this race by the throat with some very quick times.
Looks like he is totally dialed in on Purple and Black.
Congrats on a good second place Stoo.
Regards - Mark 8-)

"Do Less with More Focus"