HSC 2020 Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 5 (9)

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HSC 2020 Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 5 (9)

Postby stoo23 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 5:18 pm

The final round of the HSC Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint series was held this last Saturday evening and whilst it was once again attended by Only the truly Hard-Core 'Usual Suspects' being the 3 "FAT Racing" Team members and John V, it certainly did Not diminish the very high standard of driving and extremely close and hard racing on the night.

For a change, this time, we truly had a 'surfeit' of marshals, with a full field (8 drivers) turning up for the 'Wing 12' race held after our race,..
(Not that they had much to do during Our race), as there were very few de-slots by any of us.

The Race;

Mark opened His account, with a Serious 'Seniors Moment', by choosing to start on Blue, but as can also be seen in the Start line pic, actually began the race,.... on Yellow !!! :shock: :? :roll: :lol:

SAM_4002.jpg (407.83 KiB) Viewed 379 times

A fact that was rather fortunately quickly noticed by James, who 'halted' proceedings after 3 laps so Mark could put his car on the correct lane so he could actually begin accruing laps on the correct lane !!! LOL
NB: (I have 'adjusted' the Race sheets, with the correct, modified lap totals and placings).

The begining of and first bracket were very closely run between Mark, John and myself, with John and I spending many laps circulating within inches of each other. Mark was also setting a 'cracking' pace and ending the first bracket 1 lap up after John and I had a slight 'bobble', with Darryl typically a lap down through starting on Purple.

I managed to get the lead during the 2nd bracket,.... Just !!!, having had another virtual side by side run with John, us both ending on 81 laps, with Mark a lap behid after his run on Purple. Darryl was now about to head back onto the faster lanes after a perhaps disappointing run on Black.

I managed to get a 2 x lap advantage over John after a pleasingly fast and steady, 'error free' run on Purple and Black, even managing to maintain my lead :shock: :shock: :D

Mark started to really 'motor along' in the 2nd half of the race, starting with a 42 on Orange, getting to within a lap of myself and was constantly edging closer each lap !!!

John had been keeping Mark honest until the halfway point, when he dropped behind after his runs on Purple & Black, with Darryl now getting to be on the same lap as John as we headed into the final bracket.

Mark had really been 'motoring' and so I was extra cautious to try and keep a fast but steady pace, slightly fearful of what he may 'produce' in the final bracket, on Green, with myself on Red,... he was certainly catching me, but ultimately had an unexpected off, before the esses late in the bracket, allowing me to maintain my 2 x lap advantage.

John finally managed to pull away from Darryl, by turning an excellent 42 on White in the last bracket.

SAM_4005.jpg (561.62 KiB) Viewed 379 times

Mark and I both did 42's on Orange, with Mark setting 5 of the fastest bracket times with myself managing to set the fast times on Purple, Black & Yellow.

Scan_20201019.jpg (150.59 KiB) Viewed 327 times

We have had some damn fine, fast and close racing in this class this year, but this was really rather full tilt !!
No one giving Any 'quarter' as such and all four of us working up Quite a 'Sweat' !!!

The track was (once again), in a perfect state of 'Prep' for racing and was, as is so often the case,... merely another fantastically fast, fun, friendly & enjoyable evenings racing at HSC !!!
:) :D :D

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Re: HSC 2020 Slotworx Porsche Cup Sprint Rnd 5 (9)

Postby Mark Fox » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:54 pm

Great report Stoo - loved the racing - my final total of 323 was the best I have done in this series equaling your previous best but not quite good enough as it transpired.

I notice Cody did a stonking 327 in the first round last year with 4 min brackets which is the target to beat for sure - Brookesy was 2nd that night with 318 and John V 3rd on 313!

Look forward to the next one.
Regards - Mark 8-)

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