Porsche Cup NSW State Titles

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Porsche Cup NSW State Titles

Postby stoo23 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:53 pm

Well, if there was Ever a case of "I Should have just left everything alone", this last race, was Definitely a Perfect example !!

Having had a car that was arguably the 'Class of the field' for the last 2 x series I stupidly managed to turn a Fine handling and fast car into a Very mediocre performer on the Night !!

I certainly could Not have done much worse with it as it was and theoretically, Should have done Much Better !!! DOH !!!!

Mind you, with that said, whilst John's car has proven to be very quick all year long and driving well enough to be on the podium in Every round,.. his car on the Night, was ballistically quick !!!

After Pre-Race practice, we All knew we were going to have a tough time competing with him,..... and as you will see,... so it proved to be.

The Race;

We have had some prety close racing over the past 2 x series, this was easily THE Closest race we have had !!!

IMG_1351.jpg (427.46 KiB) Viewed 250 times

The pace in the first braket was hot, with Mark coming out ahead with 40 laps, myself in 2nd on 39, Dale and Gregg on 38 and Darryl on Purple with 37.

John moved to Green and instantly took the lead, with myself (perhaps amazingly still in 2nd) with both of us on 79 laps, with everyone else on 77 laps apart from Darryl who had run on Black with 74.

John managed to get ahead of all of us by a couple more laps over the next 2 x brackets, with Dale doing a fine job and keeping him honest, only 2 x laps behind.

So honest in fact that Dale took the lead in the 5th bracket and managed to hold until the last bracket.
Mark was having a fine battle with John on the same laps at the end of the 6th bracket, with Darryl and myself either being on the same lap or only a lap apart for the whole remainder of the race !!

Gregg was close, but was perhaps slightly 'hampered' by lack of recent track time on the small track, but was still motoring along well and was I think, at times, simply trying to 'stay out of the way' of the very close battles ahead of him :)

Going into the last bracket, we had Dale still in the lead,.. Just ever so slightly ahead of John with Both of then on 276 laps but heading onto Black. Mark was on 274, with Darryl and myself on 273.

Mark drove well in the last bracket, turnng a 42 on Green, to get to only a lap behind John.
I also managed to do a 42 on Red, with both Darryl and myself catching Dale on Black,.. with All 3 of us running most of the last bracket together, running merely Feet and at times Inches apart. Dale was running very well on Black and it was really Darryl and myself, that were 'Duking it out' for 4th or 5th place. If I managed to be Really 'On It' and keep the pace up, I could JUST get over the lap counters,.. Fractionally ahead of him,.. but with about 2 x laps to go, I got ever so slightly ou of Sync', which gave him a few more Inches of a gap ;) :) which precluded me being able to get close enough to challenge him for 4th place,.. whicht resulted in All 3 of us crossing the finish line merely feet apart, to end up on the same lap.

SAM_4007.jpg (431.9 KiB) Viewed 250 times

So as can be seen from the race sheet, John took a very well deserved win, with a fine drive to end up on 317 laps and setting the Fastest Lap Times on All but one lane, with Mark ending on 316 laps and Dale, Darryl & myself all on 315 !!! Gregg ending a few laps down on 305.

Scan_20201123.jpg (169.81 KiB) Viewed 250 times

This was a particularly Close race, with Very Few de-slots by Any of us race long, yet somewhat strangely, the overall lap totals were well down on what has been normal in the previous 'Sprint' rounds, so must have been due to the weather I guess, as the track did not seem to be lacking in Prep' or traction.

After being SO competitive over the past 2 x Sprint series, it seems Only 'fitting' that John should have finally gotten a Good Win and is a Worthy State Champion !!! Congrats :) ;)

SAM_4008.jpg (401.97 KiB) Viewed 250 times

Once again, thanks to all the usual suspects for your attendance and great racing and to both James and Joe and the Wing 12 guys for their assistance wit the mrashalling duties,... not that they had that much to do,... LOL