HSC 2012 Plafit. Rnd 2. !/32 Mod' GT, 1/24th CanAm & GrpC

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HSC 2012 Plafit. Rnd 2. !/32 Mod' GT, 1/24th CanAm & GrpC

Postby stoo23 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:55 am

Hi again,... :)

Well,...compared to the previous round, we had 'slightly' better numbers and Pleasingly,..we had Both a New 'Winner' and placegetter but Also a New Racer having a run with his own CanAm car and perhaps whilst Not running at the 'Blistering' Pace of this small 'crowd' of the usual rather Quick 'Suspects',..acquitted himself extremely well with 'courteous' and Clean driving !!,..So,..Welcome aboard Dave and I hope you had a good evenings racing & Fun,.... :) :D

So was,..Once again,..a great evening with a Great 'Spirit' of Fun,..Hard Racing !!,.. :)

So we had 5 in 1/32, 6 in 1/24th CanAm and 4 in Lexan Group C.

1/32 Modern GT

I have to say that even though this race proved to be somewhat of an 'annoyingly' Dismal performance,.. I still had a Good time,..as I think everyone else did.
In My case I think the Start of some 'Odd' controller problems first raised it's head, with some Strange 'part Throttle' inconsistencies, making being Consistent a bit difficult,..and,..having slightly outsmarted myself with my New F40, with it's 'Ride Height' adjustment, (to get a 'Suitable Minimum Ground Clearance) and so had Front Wheel 'Interference problems,..which having now 'messed' with it again at home after the race have Fixed so simply!!,....DOH !!,...so ran my 'Trusty' Maserati MC12,...which for some odd reason seems to have 'Drooped' in the Nose, causing it to 'Run' on the Front Splitter, causing some rather Unexpected De-slots occasionally,..which is something the Maser is NOT usually like as you can drive it like a Wing car !!,..lol,..but anyway,.,.enough of my 'foibles' for Now,..on to the Race,...

First up,..it just HAS to be mentioned Again,..is that when Dale starts 'Whingeing' about how Fast everyone Else is and his car is no good etc, etc, is when you Need to Watch Out for Mr Softly, Softly Catchy Monkey !!!,... ;) ;) :) :D :lol:

AND so it Proved, ending the first bracket in 1st, Brad had done well to be in 2nd, with Jake in 3rd and Steph in 4th, with myself Last !!!,..Eeek !!!,.... but it was Stupidly Close,..as Everyone other from myself had done a 17 in fact, apart from a Few Ups and Downs was pretty much what everyone was turning each bracket !!

At the end of the 3rd bracket, Dale was still in 1st with 52 laps, Brad on 50 laps, Steph on 49, with Jake being 'temporarily' de-moted to 5th, with us both on 48 laps.

By the end of the 4th bracket,..it had All started to change !!!

Brad had Obviously Found a 'Groove' !!, as He was 'Motoring along in Every Bracket, never turning Less than 16 laps !! and Had managed to just 'Inch' past Dale, both ending the bracket with 67 laps. Steph was also now herself Running Strongly in 3rd with 66 and Would prove to continue to so so as the race progressed, with some Great lap totals.
Jake and I were running together in 4th or 5th, both with 80 laps and would be the same at the end of the 6th bracket! :)

At the end of the 7th bracket, Brad had managed to pull a 3 lap advantage of a Now Very fast charging Stephanie, who had managed to catch and pass Dale, being on 117 and 116 laps respectively,.....So,..at the conclusion of the race,..We had as mentioned above a NEW Winner in this class, with a Very Fine and Worthy drive into 1st,..Brad !!,..Well Done Brad !! A Very Smooth and Consistent race, with Great Pace !! ;) :) :D

Steph also Grabbed a Great 2nd place,...Oh So Close with Dale, the two of them ending on the same lap. Jake had gained a few laps on myself and so the Final outcome being;

1st Brad 136 laps
2nd Steph' 135 laps
3rd Dale 135 laps

4th Jake 131 laps
5th Stoo 128 laps

1/24th CanAm

Back Shortly

The final outcome
The cars of the 1/32 Modern GT race.
L to R;
Steph, Dale, Jake, Stoo and eventual Winner Brad.
SAM_1799.jpg (73.42 KiB) Viewed 3159 times
All the 1/24th CanAm drivers ready for the Start. L to R;
New Racer Dave, Brad, Stoo, Jake, Dale ans Stephanie
SAM_1802.jpg (85.87 KiB) Viewed 3159 times
The cars of the Lexan CanAm race.
L to R;
Steph', Dale, Jake, Stoo, Brad and Dave
SAM_1800.jpg (72.1 KiB) Viewed 3159 times
The cars of the Lexan Group C race.
L to R;
Dale, Jake, Stoo and Brad
SAM_1803.jpg (95.01 KiB) Viewed 3159 times