HSC 2013 Plafit Series Rnd 1

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HSC 2013 Plafit Series Rnd 1

Postby stoo23 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:54 pm

Hi guys and Gal,.. ;) :D

Well, after quite a bit of apparent 'interest' by some of the racers from interstate and elsewhere, perhaps less 'familiar' with the Flat track at HSC having a run with us on the Saturday night Prior to the Next days' Scaleauto Endurance race,..we in Fact only had a few 'Extra' entrants, in what (Once again), was a Great evening's racing.

Although, a Small "Pit Chatter" group came along to Tell Tall Tales and Observe !!,.. :lol:
Consisting of Fox, Jan, Shane, Tim and others,...

I guess, perhaps If there had Also been the Understanding that 1/32 scale cars were Also to be run (On the Evening), we may also have had a couple more entrants, but,..as My two cars are Still realistically 'Out of action', we Only had Four starters for 1/32 Modern GT.

We Did (for once), actually have a surfeit of marshalls, although with there being Only 4 x cars and the ability of the drivers, there Wasn't Much to do, except watch,..lol

Once again,..James managed to take the Win, with what has always 'appeared' to be a Superior Car, and So it appeared this evening,..Yet, the Race was Well fought for by Both Dale and Stphanie and the Final outcome Very Close.

Once again, apart from James' car the others were all Moslers,..makes me think I should perhaps just 'Go with the Flow' and whack a Mosler Body on one of My chassis,..

1/32 Modern GT Final Placings

1st James 142 laps
2nd Steph' 141 laps
3rd Dale 140 laps

4th Gregg 140 laps

1/24th CanAm/Historics

This evening, as mentioned previously, we were joined by Andrew, Gary, Norm and Simon from Queensland, along with a 'Few' of the 'usual Suspects', plus Gregg T, so we had 9 x Starters and ran 2 x Heats.

Heat 1 had Dale, Simon, Andrew, Norm and Myself taking the start and was, as one would perhaps have expected, a pretty fast, Fun and clean race, although comparatively, the guys in the 2nd heat did More laps.

I had a Shocker of a Start on Red,..sigh,..a Lane I Never like starting on, due to the invariably High Probability of De-slotted Cars,..'littering' Your Lane !!,... :lol: , and Only turned a 17, which left me in 3rd..Sigh,..

Whilst attempting to then 'Motor along' to try and claw back my 'deficit', I had some great 'dicing' with Simon, who was also 'dicing' with Andrew.

Dale had 'cemented' 4th and Norm appeared to be Happy to run at his own pace to learn the track.

I finally managed to get past Simon and grab 1st during the 6th bracket and hold it to the end, with Simon also managing to hold onto 2nd from Andrew in 3rd.

Heat 1 Placings
1st Stoo 157 laps
2nd Simon 155 laps
3rd Andrew 153 laps

4th Dale 150 laps
5th Norm 145 laps

Heat 2, had Steph', James, Gregg T and Gary and Whilst Alsoa Very Clean and Very Fast race, proved to be a Complete 'Floor Wiping' by Gregg T.

Gregg's Car has Always been Very Quick,... plus It's Not like He Can't Drive Eh !!??,.. :lol:
James managed to come through from 4th, battling with Gary for most of the race, to eventually take 2nd.
Steph, came home 4th, probably not Overly excited by her cars overall lack of 'Pace' on the evening.

Heat 2 Placings
1st Gregg T 164 laps
2nd James 159 laps
3rd Gary 155 laps
4th Steph' 152 laps

So,..the Final Outcome of Both Heats
1st Gregg T
2nd James
3rd Stoo

4th Gary
5th Simon
6th Andrew
7th Steph
8th Dale
9th Norm

Final 'Placing' in Local HSC Champs'
1st Gregg T
2nd James
3rd Stoo
4th Steph
5th Dale

All in All, Just another great evenings racing at HSC,..what else can I say!!???,.. :lol:

Oh Yeah,..I forgot to mention,... ;) :lol: , that I 'apparently' managed to set a New 'Lap' record on Green in the 2nd 'bracket', of 5.501, although, even having actually gone Faster with the car I had as prepared for the APC, my car, whilst admittedly Quite fast, probably Could have a Newer, Fresher motor fitted, as the unit fitted, has done quite a bit of racing!

Thing is though, that My car Does Roll a LOT !!,..lol,..Which I often Do account for, by either placing my car further Back on the track during Lane changes, or by Not Blasting off at the Start of the Next bracket, so as to 'avoid' triggering a Fast Lap as such.

On the evening though, Both Gary and Myself managed to 'Trip' the "Short Lap" time set of 5.50 sec', so the Pace was Obviously Hot!

I guess All I am trying to say is that even though a couple of cars Were Extremely fast, That 'Lap' of Mine, may have been a combo of previous 'Roll' and a fast Lap !!,.. :D ,...

Either way,..it would seem we probably Do Have to Lower the Short Lap time to accomodate the 'Pace' !! :D :D
Steph', Gregg T, Dale and James
SAM_2176.JPG (88.62 KiB) Viewed 4338 times
SAM_2175.JPG (102.22 KiB) Viewed 4338 times
Norm, Andrew, Simon, Dale and Stoo
SAM_2178.JPG (84.24 KiB) Viewed 4338 times
SAM_2177.JPG (92.43 KiB) Viewed 4338 times
Gary, Gregg T, James and Stephanie
SAM_2180.JPG (89.51 KiB) Viewed 4338 times
SAM_2179.JPG (95.06 KiB) Viewed 4338 times

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Re: HSC 2013 Plafit Series Rnd 1

Postby Mark Fox » Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:19 pm

Nice report and pics Stoo :-)

Have you given up on the Retro Reports??

Regards - Mark 8-)

"Do Less with More Focus"

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Re: HSC 2013 Plafit Series Rnd 1

Postby stoo23 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:07 pm

Thanks mark,...Retro Reports ???,....No,..Just been slack,...will hopefully attend to them very soon.

Cheers :)