Recreated (NEW) Autocoast TI22

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Recreated (NEW) Autocoast TI22

Postby stoo23 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:22 pm

Hi again guys.

Happened to Also notice this 'post' on Slotblog, about a "NEW", fully recreated Autocoast TI22 that has recently been finished in the US and appeared at the relatively recent HMSA Long Beach GP event.

Surprisingly, there Aren't that many Pics of the 'NEW' car,.. (that I can find), but from the pic shown on Slotblog (and included here, below), sure looks pretty damn good !!

Probably like many on here, who Loved CanAm racing (in the day) and were Fans of the "Bruce & Denny" show, I was fascinated by ALL things McLaren and Chaparal etc,.. then along came this Amazing Looking 'Beast' !!,..

Such an 'Iconic' and fantastic Looking car from what was Easily one of the Best Era/periods of (relatively) Modern Motorsports!

The 'thread' on Slotblog, also has some comments etc from one of the guys involved in it's recreation,.. enjoy,.. :)

See Here;

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