Reggie Corams Track in St.Maartens

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Reggie Corams Track in St.Maartens

Postby stoo23 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:35 pm

What with all the recent 'Diabolical' Weather and after seeing some footage from the Island of St.Maartens, I was really wondering how Reggie's Track had 'Coped', Especially as can be seen in this Previous 'Post';

It is RIGHT On the Beach-Front !!

Thanks to someone 'Posting' some Info' regarding this over on SlotBlog, see Here;

I was somewhat surprised to see just How well it actually fared !! See Pics below.

Seems He and his house are OK and is already 'Setting about' Fixing things up, with some kind assistance of some close Friends and other Fellow racers from the States.

Such a Beautiful Place, now virtually 'Smashed' by the recent Hurricane.
Reggie's Raceway, is the Building with the Green Front
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