HSC 2019 Retro Series Rnd 8 - BTR 07/09/2019

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HSC 2019 Retro Series Rnd 8 - BTR 07/09/2019

Postby stoo23 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:01 pm

Well, if Nothing else, this Event may be 'Proof', that Slot car racing is Good for the Health !!!,.. lol

having been somewhat 'Under the Weather' these past couple of weeks and still feeling somewhat Less than 'porky' upon waking and getting ready for the event I can Only say that during and especially After the event I am Now feeling Much Better and arguably,.. almost Normal once again !!!,.. Ha ha ha

In all honesty, it was really Only that I was somewhat concerned about the Number of 'possible' entrants for this round and having discussed this very 'issue' during the week with Wayne B, (after chatting with him earlier in the week), I perhaps sensibly took the option to meet up at His place earlier in the afternoon to finish the 'Prep' of My/Our Porsche Cup cars, (which we Both wanted to test on the Small track prior to the Retro racing on the Big Track) and to also take the opportunity to travel with him, which certainly helped save a few dollars,.. So firstly, a Very BIg Thank You to Wayne, for your Assistance and transport etc !! ;) ;) :)

Sadly, as had been 'suspected', it was Another rather Poor Turn-out once again,.. :(
Initially we had thought that Jake may also have come along to race but he was a 'Late Scratching' (as we were leaving in fact) and it soon became evident that the 'Assembled Masses' of Joe, Wayne and myself, were going to be IT for this round !!!

Whilst in reality it Should go Without saying that WE are Ever 'Grateful' for James continuing to Hold these Scheduled Events, I feel I Should take the opportunity to thank Both Himself once again and Also to thank Our Seemingly 'Permanent' Head Marshal, Greg Erskine, for once again turning up to Help us Poor Slot racing Tragic's trying to both have some Fun AND to endeavour to keep Retro Racing Alive !!!

As I was still feeling somewhat dubious as I left home I annoyingly, left Both my Mobile And my Camera behind, so did Not manage to get Any pics of the 'event' this time around.

Realistically, Wayne B, was in a class of his own, in this race, as whilst Joe and I had an Incredibly Close race with each other being continually on virtually Identical laps for the Whole race, Wayne was (in reality), merely 'Cruising' and yet still slowly disappearing off into the distance !!!,.. lol

He had apparently 'Borrowed' a chassis/car back from Stevo', along with a couple of motors etc and Both the Motors and Car were very effective,.. to say the Least !!,.. LOL
His lead and advantage simply grew Bracket by bracket, holding the top spot from the Get Go and eventually ending with a 14 lap advantage to Joe and myself.
As can be seen from the Race Sheet, Joe and I Shared the Minor Placings Equally between us, with Joe holding down 2nd for the first 4 brackets and myself for the last 4 brackets only managing to Somehow eke out a Single lap advantage over Joe in the Final bracket !! talk about Close racing !! :)

Well, another complete 'White-Washing' by Wayne, with the 'Tommy Flythe' F1 once again continuing it's completely Unbeaten Record on Both tracks at HSC, with Wayne ending with an even Greater 'Margin' than in the CanAm race, finishing 17 laps ahead of myself !!!

I guess Never really doing a huge amount of racing on the Big track, I have been trying to Do 'laps' and Not fall off, More than simply trying to go Fast AND make errors, but with that said, on the Night, my Slick 7 chassis was No match for Wayne's F1, which simply Flew around the Donut,.. proverbially,.. 'Like it was On Rails' !!!,.. LOL

Joe managed to have a Truly Weird 'Accident' that could Only be described as The car virtually 'Jumping OFF the track All by Itself just after the lap counters,.. or so it seemed,.. it ending (typically) on the floor under the banking and after a slow crawling retrieval proved to have been given the Big Track 'Treatment',.. (Sever bending,..lol) and so took to his other F1 to continue to try and have Some fun.

As was also noticed by myself towards the end of the race it would seem My chassis, like (as it turned out) Both of Joe's chassis were Bent, with 'collectively', all Three of our chassis 'cocking' One Front Wheel 'Up in the air' when checking them on out Tech' Blocks after the race !!!,.. lol
I had noticed some strange 'scraping' marks on the Bottom of my chassis up the front when doing a lane change later in the race, which made me question the Flatness of the car,..lol

So basically, Wayne once again just 'Cruised', but Blitzed both Joe and myself, with Joe having a somewhat less than Hugely enjoyable F1 race.

All of the above said, it Was another Friendly and enjoyable 'event' and typically Fun (as it invariably IS) and thanks once again go out to James and Greg,... and to the ever reliable Joe and Wayne for the Lift !! :)

At least Wayne and I Did manage to do some quick AND effective Testing of our Porsche Cup cars,.. which was both Educational and useful/helpful for us both,.. so all in all,.. just another enjoyable evening's racing at HSC :D

NB: I will scan and insert the race Sheets asap.