NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 2/11/2019

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NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 2/11/2019

Postby stoo23 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:29 pm

Much like last year, it was another rather Warm evening, although compared to last year's 11 starters, this year we only had all the 'Usual Suspects' turning up for Round 1 of the NSW Retro State Titles,.. boosted by both Mark Fox's return to racing after his lengthy overseas journey, along with Wayne Walker joining us to have the Huge total of 5 racers to do battle.

SAM_3870 copy.jpg
SAM_3870 copy.jpg (323.05 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

As 'alluded' to by Darryl elsewhere, has perhaps been a bit difficult to get 'inspired' recently as we have Only Just been getting enough people turning up to even have a race, so I guess 5 isn't too bad !!,.. :lol:

Having tested a few of the motors I had and thinking I had made what seemed a good choice and also resurrecting my other (arguably more successful F1), I was somewhat disappointed with My performance overall, on the night and as can be seen, was Nowhere Near the Performance of the eventual Leading Trio, which had Wayne W and myself in a virtual 'Class of Our Own', especially in CanAm,.. :lol:

As can be seen from the race sheets below though,.. for the leading 3, Both races were really very good And fast with some great Lap Times and Lap totals being done perhaps Especially, by the very 'Jet-Lagged' Mark !!!!



As is SO often the case, Mark Fox not Only TQ'd, but also did so with a Sub 5 sec' time, of 4.9343, with Wayne B Also managing to turn a couple of Sub 5 Sec' laps, with Darryl Oh So close with a 'Brace of 5.0's !!
Wayne and I initially didn't seem too far off the pace, with our 5.1's but that difference Was decisive.

1-CA Qual.jpg
1-CA Qual.jpg (33.09 KiB) Viewed 3259 times


Well, in a similar fashion to Cody's performance last year, Mark pretty much 'Owned' this race, from the start and whilst Wayne B and especially Darryl tried their best to keep Mark in sight, it was really only when he was on Purple and Black, that anyone even got close. Mark actually ending up doing 2 laps More than Cody's Total from 2018 !!

Darryl and Wayne Shared 2nd and 3rd for the fist half of the race, with once again it virtually being each other's runs on Purple and Black that brought about the change, with Darryl really coming on strong for the final 4 brackets and slowly increasing his lead over Wayne B, whilst trying to catch and/or keep the deficit to Mark as static as he could.

Darryl eventually ending 5 laps Down from Mark but 5 laps Up on Wayne B.

Sadly, the Pace of my car was very disappointing, (I obviously chose the Wrong Motor AND Pinion size !!!,.. :shock: :? :lol: lol and with Wayne W slowly getting better around the Small track and seemingly to have a pretty decent car, it was All I could do to even keep him as close as I could.

Wayne managing to get past me in the 3rd bracket and staying there for the duration, Wayne doing a whole bunch of 34's, Including Purple, although there was ONLY 1 lap in it for the whole race and by doing a 35 in the last bracket, I managed to finish on the Same lap (although still a bit behind) and Also doing Exactly the Same Lap Totals I did in CanAm Last year !! :lol:

It really was a very fast and clean race, with the top 3 doing great laps on all the lanes Especially Mark who did a 'brace' of 35's, his Worst being 32 on Black and finishing on Red with a 36 !!,.. Well Done !!,.. could perhaps be argued that being Jet-Lagged Isn't such a disadvantage after all :lol:

SAM_3868 copy.jpg
SAM_3868 copy.jpg (350.41 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

SAM_3873 copy.jpg
SAM_3873 copy.jpg (431.29 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

SAM_3875 copy.jpg
SAM_3875 copy.jpg (397.63 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

2-CA Race.jpg
2-CA Race.jpg (90.06 KiB) Viewed 3259 times



Perhaps as a change from what has often been the 'Norm', Mark did Not TQ in F1's !!
He Was very close, but try as he might he could Not get below 5.0 Sec's but nearly all his laps were 5.0's

Wayne B eventually TQ'd, with a great lap of 4.9440 !!
Wayne like Mark, had been doing a whole bunch of 5.0's and towards the end of his run, he briefly stopped, had a slower 'Sighting' lap and then bashed in the Top time.
A slight 'Re-Focus' of the required Job at Hand perhaps ??,.. Well done !!

Darryl did a bunch of 5.1's and Wayne W and I were really close, bringing up the bottom end doing 'Mere' 5.3's :lol:

3-F1 Qual.jpg
3-F1 Qual.jpg (35.77 KiB) Viewed 3259 times


This was a much closer race than CanAm with Wayne B giving Mark cause for concern for at least the first half of the race.
After getting in front of Mark during the 2nd bracket Wayne managed to hold 1st place until the half way point, when Mark re-established his ultimate dominance when Wayne was on Black and was never headed again and managing to finish a very credible 6 laps up on Darryl, which Is a Feat in itself !!,.. :lol:

After still being 5 laps down on Wayne at the end of the 5th bracket, Darryl 'bashed-in' a 35 on White to be just 1 lap behind Wayne and although Wayne did claw a lap back by the end of the 7th bracket, it was Darryl's 36 on Green against Wayne's 33 on White, that allowed him to 'Snatch' 2nd place from Wayne in the closing stages.

In a similar fashion to the CanAm race, my Normally Very effective F1 chassis, was simply Not On the Pace compared to the others and even whilst driving the Life from it, I was never even with Cooee of the leaders and so 4th was the best I would see on the night and in fact, did 3 laps LESS than the Same car's 3rd place in 2018.
So I guess finishing Only 4 laps behind Wayne B was for this evening was almost a Bonus !!,.. :lol:

Wayne W was running a Darryl 'Loaner' this time out and considering his lack of Retro F1 experience did a pretty damn good job overall and perhaps also Aided Darryl's progress by providing 'Visual' confusion for the others !!!,.. :lol:

SAM_3877 copy.jpg
SAM_3877 copy.jpg (310.91 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

SAM_3879 copy.jpg
SAM_3879 copy.jpg (376.42 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

SAM_3881 copy.jpg
SAM_3881 copy.jpg (420.76 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

4-F1 Race.jpg
4-F1 Race.jpg (92.5 KiB) Viewed 3259 times

Overall, Great Racing guys and thanks for turning up and making the evening so enjoyable !! ;) :) :D

Competition Wise, another very Worthy Retro State Title race, just a pity there weren't more entrants to make it the Event it Should be by it's Name.

Thanks as always to James for 'hosting' the event and for the overall track prep', along with Joe providing marshaling duties with James.

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Re: NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 2/11/2019

Postby dtslot » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:29 pm

Thanks Stoo,,, great report,,
Congrats to Mark, on very impressive performance,,,,,,with lag and all,,,well done!!!!,,,,,Again very friendly and fast racing by all,,,well done all !!!
the F1 raced by Wayne was one of mine that I sold him,, ,,and he is driving retro really well,,,great job !!!
Thanks to James and Joe for marshaling , and for the great track prep
thanks all Darryl

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Re: NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 2/11/2019

Postby Mark Fox » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:38 am

Thanks Stoo
Great report - had a good time catching up with you all and look forward to the big track round in a couple of weeks.
Also a big thanks to James and Joe for their help in running the race and marshaling.
Regards - Mark 8-)

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Re: NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 2/11/2019

Postby petrolhead » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:21 am

Hi Guys

Great report Stoo and was a good race in can am with you,i just need to master that BLACK lane and I could of been up there with Wayne B :D

F1 was my first race with this car, so it was a case of keeping out of the way,just more laps :D :D

Thanks to Darryl for all your help and encouragement hopefully my next couple of builds can find 2 tenths ;) ;)

Well done Mark on your win.

And finally a big thank you to Joe and James for your marshalling and awsome track prep.

See you at the SRC final round and then Round 2 on the BIG track ;) ;)