Round 7 SRC SSME

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Round 7 SRC SSME

Postby stoo23 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:52 am

Well with the next and Final round of the SRC about to be run at HSC, I thought I should try and get the Results from the Previous round at SSME 'posted', just to be Up to Date, Especially as there were some truly Astonishing Times and Lap totals achieved in Both Retro and GT-1 !!

I have 'High-Lighted' the Fast times and laps on the Race Sheets seen below.


It was a Very close fought battle between Wayne Baxter, Wayne Walker and Darryl Toole particularly, with them finishing a mere lap apart from each other.

Both the Wayne's and Darryl set some Very Fast Lap times and Bracket Totals, Wayne Walkers 4.484 on Blue & 4.497 on Green !! & Wayne Baxter's 4.511 on White especially along with Darryl's 4.555 on Yellow. I Had 'High-Lighted' the 4.408 of WayneB's on Blue, but in reality, that 'may' be a 'Short Lap'.

Is also quite amazing seeing the quantity of 39's run by Many people across the lanes on the night, so the 'Pace', was Obviously very 'Hot' !!! makes you wonder when we will see a 40 !!?? ;) :D

SRC rnd 7 SSME Retro_sml copy.jpg
SRC rnd 7 SSME Retro_sml copy.jpg (195.57 KiB) Viewed 2826 times


This was Obviously another Amazingly Fast and Close race, Especially between the 2 x Baxter Brothers !! with Darryl once again being Oh So Close throughout.

It was (apparently) Wayne's race going into the last bracket, as at the end of the 7th, he was on 224 laps, which put him 3 laps up on Andrew and 5 laps up on Darryl, but sadly for Wayne, it all 'fell apart' on Red in the Last Bracket, with serious Car troubles causing him to only turn 13 laps for the bracket, allowing Andrew to go on and take a Fine and well deserved Win !! :D

SRC rnd 7 SSME GT-1_sml copy.jpg
SRC rnd 7 SSME GT-1_sml copy.jpg (187.42 KiB) Viewed 2826 times

Whilst Not attending myself, it was (one would have to suggest), another Great evenings racing at SSME in the seemingly ever popular SRC.
Great stuff !!

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Re: Round 7 SRC SSME

Postby petrolhead » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:00 pm

Yes Stoo it was a fast and friendly nights racing and Wayne Baxter would of got the double only for the stripped gear
going into the last bracket he was 3 laps in front for Gt 1
And retro was a very fast and enjoyable race,and just looking at the times i popped out a fastest time on GREEN with a 4.497
a little quicker than Wayne Baxters 4.572 :D
I think with Ron running the Byes makes for a more interesting race.
And thanks to Ron for the GREAT track prep and the BBQ.
Lets hope for the same next year
Hope to see you there Stoo ;)

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Re: Round 7 SRC SSME

Postby Mark Fox » Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:34 pm

Great work on the report Stoo.

Hot racing in the SRC series for sure.

Sorry to miss any of these races but needs be 8-)
Regards - Mark 8-)

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