SRC 2020 Round 5 - October SSME

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SRC 2020 Round 5 - October SSME

Postby Mark Fox » Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:55 pm

Hi All

Well I missed this one due to a senior moment with my calendar - first I knew of my error was a phone call from Ron while I was enjoying a couple of bevvys at the local with a mate.

Are you out Mate?
Yeah I'm at the pub - how can you tell - is it the noise?
No I said "are you coming out"?
Isn't it next week?
No we are about to start.
I guess I am not coming out then :cry:

Ron sent through the results and some pics from Andrew so here we go.


Good line up of 11 for 2 races

01-20201020_194500.jpg (148.59 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Race 1

Good win by Andrew who led all the way whilst the rest of the field had a ding dong battle for the minor podium.

Kenny came in 3 laps back with Neil finishing next over the two Waynes (Baxter and Walker) who finished on the same lap. Nice to see Roland coming out to play also.

02-CA 1.jpg
02-CA 1.jpg (81.87 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Race 2

Good battle between Darryl (the eventual winner) and Troy with Darryl pulling away in the last bracket to win by 3 laps

03-CA2.jpg (88.05 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Gregg was only a lap adrift for 3rd and was followed by Jason Mc and Stevo.


Good win by Andrew over Darryl and Kenny who were separated by only 3 laps.

04-SRC #5 Washup-0.jpg
04-SRC #5 Washup-0.jpg (82.57 KiB) Viewed 487 times

05-20201020_202012.jpg (109.95 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Wayne B, Wayne W and Jason Mc all managed to finish on the same lap in 7th - 9th. Only 9 laps from 1st to 9th so it seems that I missed a good nights racing.


Again 11 starters for this.

06-20201020_210735.jpg (137.91 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Race 1

Wow this looks like it was a really good race with Wayne Baxter; after following Kenny for 5 brackets; pounced in the 6th to win by 3 laps.

Wayne Walker came in next albeit 12 laps back from Kenny but 17 ahead of Neil in 4th who then was 14 ahead of Stevo with the new kid on the block Roland bringing up the rear

07-GT1 1.jpg
07-GT1 1.jpg (81.12 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Race 2

Andrew just basically smashed the field to win over Darryl by 12 laps!!!

Darryl and Troy mixed it up a bit for 2nd and 3rd with Darryl ultimately finishing a lap up while Jason Mc and Gregg finished 22 and 28 laps back respectively.

08-GT1 2.jpg
08-GT1 2.jpg (89.36 KiB) Viewed 487 times


A blitzer from Andrew BUT 4 drivers finishing within a lap of each other with Darryl taking 2nd over Wayne B by less than a second to be followed by Troy and Kenny.

09-SRC #5 Washup-1.jpg
09-SRC #5 Washup-1.jpg (81.17 KiB) Viewed 487 times
10-20201020_214453.jpg (125.54 KiB) Viewed 487 times

Looks like I missed a good night.

Regards - Mark 8-)

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