2020 NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 07/11/2020

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2020 NSW Retro Titles Round 1 (STR) 07/11/2020

Postby Mark Fox » Mon Dec 28, 2020 1:48 pm

Hi All

Only 5 entrants for both Can-Am and F1 but with the assistance of a couple of volunteer Marshals and James on the clicker we set off to have some fun.



01-CA Q.jpg
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I managed to TQ just beating Darryl by .0049 sec. Darryl broke the 5 second barrier at least 3 times; however as I qualified last I knew what to aim for and I can safely say I rarely miss in these circumstances on this track :|


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An all the way win for me but some good battles in the wake.

Wayne W and Darryl had great competition early on with Wayne inheriting 2nd from Darryl in the 3rd bracket and that's how it stayed until Wayne hit Purple which was the end of his purple patch (sorry about the sad attempt at a pun here).

Stoo in the meantime was circulating nicely and inherited 3rd when Wayne relinquished 2nd - Stoo had started on Purple so was clawing his way back for the whole race as one does in that circumstance.

I was great to see Charles Richards back for the fun but he was showing a little rust with (IMO) too light a car.

Also great to see Wayne build a new car for the event and I must say it went like stink.

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09-F1 Q.jpg
09-F1 Q.jpg (29.28 KiB) Viewed 489 times

Strong TQ for me this time with about .2 sec advantage over Darryl in 2nd again followed by Charles who had obviousley got rid of some rust in the previous race.


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Another all the way win for me and some interesting battles again.

Darryl, Stoo and Charles all had a crack at easch other and at one stage or another they all held down 2nd and 3rd spot but ultimately it was Mr Reliable, aka Darryl, who took 2nd followed by Stoo and Charles with Wayne W bringing up the rear.

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A good nights racing.

Big thanks to James and the marshals (Joe and Scott - or maybe Wiz who have all helped out during the year) who made it possible.

Regards - Mark 8-)

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