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HSC 2021 Retro Series Rnd 4 - BTR 08/05/2021

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2021 9:04 pm
by Mark Fox
Hi All,

This is the last Retro race on the Big Track at HSC.


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Wayne W shot to an early lead and held it to the end without faltering even though he lost a front wheel - it did not slow him one bit.

Darryl, myself and Charles duked it out all race and then finished in that order. My car was flying until I lost a gear in B3 and so I was happy to finish only one down on my nemesis Darryl and a couple up on Charles.

I thought Scott did well also as he is a relative newbie in Retro racing.

So Wayne W takes a well deserved victory in the last BTR race ever at HSC and it was a very deserving first ever Retro win for him.

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Wayne's win was particularly pleasing on several fronts: - he worked hard on his driving; he has absorbed a lot of car smarts and is now also building his own chassis as he develops into a top class competitor.


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A very close race with Darryl taking the honours by about 3 seconds over me with Charles a lap back. Wayne was a little out-gunned in the F1.

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Great send off for the Big Track with a new Can-Am winner and yet another close race in F1.

Vail BTR @ HSC


Re: HSC 2021 Retro Series Rnd 4 - BTR 08/05/2021

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2021 10:10 pm
by petrolhead
This is the report I was waiting for :)

Great report as always Mark :)

And thanks for the kind works and thank you for the advice on the build of this Can Am

It was quick straight out of the box :D

Just a shame both Mark and I had our issues as a straight out race would of been great any way I will take my first
Can am retro win as I got close for the first Round of SRC on the small track. Shame tonights round of SRC was cancelled as I was looking forward
to race this car on the small track, anyway on to Luddenham for the next round (just waiting for confirmed dates).

Thanks to James and Joe for a well prepared track as always

And thanks to ALL you guys that turn up to have a race

Wayne W

Re: HSC 2021 Retro Series Rnd 4 - BTR 08/05/2021

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 8:16 pm
by dtslot
Hi all, thanks for our last ever big track race report Mark. great to see Wayne get the can-am win , he really did drive the wheels off it,,,and still crushed us,,,,Mark,,you had plenty of bad luck,,,,and still ended up with great finishes,,,,well done all. The big track was never my favorite,,but we have had some great racing on it..I wil miss it.....Darryl