HSC 2012 Retro CanAm & F1 Round 2

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HSC 2012 Retro CanAm & F1 Round 2

Postby stoo23 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:54 am

The second round of the HSC 2012 Retro championships was held last night the 10th March and once again was a very good evenings racing.

Will be back shortly with the Full report,..but a BIG Congrats' to Stephanie for her Very Fine and well deserved First win in Retro F1's,..Well Done Steph' !!! :) :)

OK then,....I must say, that considering How Many people actually Have 'Aussie Retro' cars and Have apparently previously both done reasonably well and apparently Enjoyed the racing, the Current number of entrants, is perhaps just a bit disappointing.

Mind you Not Nearly as Bad as the recent Plafit numbers, but still definitely Nothing to 'Write Home About' !!!,..lol,...Especially when one considers the Amazing number of Entries seen over this last weekend at Tom Thumb Hobbies in Columbus Ohio for the R 4/5 Retro event.
See my 'post' here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=713

Just a Shame we Don't seem to be able to generate Larger numbers for our Local Retro racing here,..although, with that said, it Does and Has not seemed to detract from the Quality of Racing and last night was No Exception !!!

Regarding 'possible' numbers, once again the Field was Slightly depleted, what with Cody currently racing in the US, Mark Fox still recuperating, (although I Do believe he Will be Back at the Next round, With A New chassis apparently), but from the 'Ranks' of Regular racers, we were missing Troy, Brad, Dale and a number of others,..let alone a couple of the Possible Newer racers who have expressed serious interest in the class,..but I digress,..On to the Racing,... :)

Firstly though, may I say thanks once again to WayneB, Joe and Wayne, (Jakes Dad), for their Regular marshaling duties, allowing us Racers to have such a good Fun time racing. Thanks guys,..it IS appreciated !!!


A Total of 6 starters for this event;
Darryl, Jake, James, Charles, Stephanie and myself.

This really was a very good race, with a number of people holding the Top positions at various times and some really Good lap/lane totals and very consistent lap times being turned in. As I keep mentioning, the Driving standard and quality of the current group of regulars is Very Good !!

Darryl, who's form of late has seen him 'Up the Front' quite regularly and most definitely 'On the Pace', saw him take the early lead and held 1st for the first 2 brackets, with Charles, James and Myself swapping the various other places.

I managed to have an Absolute Dream 'Run' in the 3rd bracket on Red, whilst everyone else seemed to have some difficulties, allowing me to Grab hold of 1st and gain quite a few laps advantage over the field, with Darryl dropping into 2nd and James taking 3rd.
Steph' had been running in 4th and in fact Held that position race long.

Jake seemed to be at a slight Horsepower disadvantage, (in fact I noticed he had purchased a New Motor after the event, so perhaps his future fortune will be better), although it DID seem to be running Better towards the end of the race compared to the start.
Sadly (for Charles), once again seemed to be experiencing problems, both 'On Track' and with his car, which Must be annoying for him, as the car IS very fast and runs extremely well, it eventually going completely 'out the window' in the 7th bracket turning Only 13 laps and eventually withdrawing, not running the last bracket. Once again,..Bad Luck Charles !!,.. :(

By the 5th bracket, I had managed to gain a 10 lap advantage over the field, with 165 laps, which was great, as I was about to run on purple and black. Darryl and James were having a Great 'Dice' for 2nd and 3rd, Both being on 155 laps. Steph' as mentioned was 'Welded' into 4th place on 151 laps, with Jake chasing her hard with 149 laps, managing to 'Inch' past Charles, with 148 laps.

I had a good run on purple and ran a very Cautious black turning Only 29 laps, but managed to have a great run on Yellow, with James managing to finally gain a couple of laps advantage over Darryl in the last couple of brackets.

Looking at the Lap charts after the race, it was great to see Just how Consistent Everyones lap times were for the Whole event, which made for some very good racing and at times great 'Side by Side' dicing and, As usual at these HSC Retro events was once again, a Lot of fun.

Final Outcome;
1st Stoo 260 laps
2nd James 250 laps
3rd Darryl 248 laps

4th Steph' 243 laps
5th Jake 241 laps
6th Charles 192 laps


Having recently done quite well with my F1 car, I seem to be having difficulty doing any better than 4th of late,..although Darryl and I had some Great racing in the second half of the race as I tried to 'snatch' 3rd from him !!!,... :)

I started on Red and had a truly abysmal bracket,..lol, managing Only 28 laps, which left me in 5th !!!,..Eeeek !!!,..lol
Charles took the Early lead, eagerly chased by Both Stephanie and Darryl, with Steph' moving into 1st place at the end of the second bracket with 64 laps. Darryl and Charles now on the same lap with 62 laps.

As the race progressed, young Stephanie managed to continue to creep ahead, slowly and steadily adding more laps to her advantage over the rest of the field, with Charles managing to gain a few laps over Darryl and with myself managing to eventually get past Jake and move into 4th and set off eagerly trying to catch Darryl,..to no avail,...'Close!, but No Cigar' !!!,... :lol:

It Has to be said that Steph' drove a really Great race, with both Fast and consistent lap times and turning very respectable lap totals, whilst being chased extremely hard by Charles, race long, managing to keep the gap between 2 and 3 laps until the last bracket when the 'margin' dropped to only 1 lap.

James and Jake both seemed slightly 'off the pace', (compared to the leaders), but were having their Own race together, often being on the same lap and ending only a couple of laps apart at the end.

Darryl, once again drove a really great race and he and I had some really fantastic racing, with us swapping positions many times during the various brackets, but with Darryl managing to keep his 3rd place right to the end.

Overall, this was another really enjoyable and Fun race, with (as previously expressed) some really great, Fast and consistent lap times and totals being turned in by everyone,...BUT,..on the Night,..we were No match for young Stephanie, who drove a very mature and sensibly metered race to get her Very first Retro race win,..Well Done Steph',..a well deserved win !!!,..GO Girl !!!!,... ;) ;) :) :D

Final Outcome;
1st Stephanie 256 laps
2nd Charles 255 laps
3rd Darryl 248 laps

4th Stoo 247 laps
5th James 241 laps
6th Jake 239 laps

All in all,..Just another Great and thoroughly enjoyable night of Retro racing at HSC. Thanks Guys and Gal !!! :D
CanAm cars ready for the start. L to R;
Darryl, Jake, James, Stoo, Charles and Stephanie
SAM_1795.jpg (77.14 KiB) Viewed 4560 times
F1 cars ready for the start. L to R;
Stoo, Charles, James, Stephanie, Darryl and Jake.
SAM_1796.jpg (67.72 KiB) Viewed 4560 times
A rather Happy Stephanie, after her very fine and First Win in Retro F1's.
Well Done Steph' !!
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Re: HSC 2012 Retro CanAm & F1 Round 2

Postby SlotBaker » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:47 am

Well done Steph'. The first of many, I would think.

Also, well done to the other, old guard, podium winners - Stoo, James, Darryl, and Charles.

Thanks once again for the comprehensive report Stoo.
Steve King