2016 Worlds, Germany.

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Re: 2016 Worlds, Germany.

Postby stoo23 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:57 pm

Just cleaning the Forum up and was wondering if Anyone knew whether this 'Event' actually happened? or does it just get added to the List of JPVR Pseudo 'Events'

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Mark Fox
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Re: 2016 Worlds, Germany.

Postby Mark Fox » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:02 pm

Just saw this as I was trolling through the upcoming races - I have been looking for any info on this as well - my thoughts are that it probably did not happen and to quote Brad: -

brady wrote:But wait....I have heard this one before. Oh no,could this be all BS like previous PROPOSALS, it couldn't be could it.Ah well there goes my world champs and Troy's & Mark's & Cody's like the last couple of times.

Van Rossem seems to have faded off into dream world for mine. I must say that I was a bit annoyed after the last non-event he scheduled for Barcelona as I had planned my travel schedule to incorporate this event :evil:

I was also quite prepared to travel to Germany for this event if it had proceeded - went to Portugal and France instead - obviously had a great time but no slot racing.

It's also a bit weird that he nominates drivers that would never be a show - for example the legendary (and definitely retired) Mike Stuebe.
Regards - Mark 8-)

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Timmy Tyler
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Re: 2016 Worlds, Germany.

Postby Timmy Tyler » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:35 am

To confirm Mark's post, this race definitely didn't happen. JPVR went quiet on it about a month after announcing it and never mentioned it again. I was personally very disappointed, because it is the first time (for me, anyway) that he has failed to come up with the goods.

In the meantime, JPVR's latest project is (wait for it!!!!) his own death! He has done a bit of media stuff in Belgium on his application for euthanasia. He has done a couple of TV interviews about it, and also made some posts on Facebook. But in the meantime, he is still alive and kicking but he says not a word about slot cars for a long time now.