HSC 4 Hour Enduro #3 (2019)

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HSC 4 Hour Enduro #3 (2019)

Postby Mark Fox » Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:55 pm

Hi All
Don't forget this one coming up in July.


Sunday; 14July 2018 - track to open at 10am for practice with race starting at 11am.


4 hours Enduro which means that teams will race over each of the 8 lanes for 30 minutes.


Retro CanAm - Construction Rules are here: - http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1254

I will be the Scrutineer - I am an easy marker - clearance and width will be the main issues I look at - .047 clearance and 81mm (HSC Rules) width.
Motors will be unmodified Cheetah 2 or Cheetah 4
Cars must be available for scrutiny by 10.45 at latest and will then be impounded until race start unless any remedial work to attain legality is required.
To qualify for entry to the race a car must be fully legal by 10.55


Teams will consist of a minimum of 2 drivers with a maximum of 4 drivers.
Entry Fee per Team is $50
The maximum number of teams is 8.

Procedural Issues

Starting Lane will be allocated by drawing lots.

Each team driver will drive on each of the 8 lanes for an approximate equal amount of time i.e a 2 man team will have each driver drive each lane for 15 minutes, a 3 man team for approximately 10 minutes and a 4 man team for approximately 7.5 minutes (flexibility allowed for any physical or mental issues).

Track Calls for driver changes at the 15 minute mark will be available - no working on cars during this period.
At the lane change after each bracket there will be a 1.5 minute interval. Cars may be worked on during this period.

Any part of a car may be changed during the race excepting the body and the chassis - if a motor is changed it must be checked by a scrutineer (or my nominee) for legality.
Any car deemed to be damaging the track must be removed and rectified.

All teams must supply a Marshall at a designated position at all time the race is live.
The designated marshaling spots are allocated based on the lane being currently driven by a team or at race direction (me) if less than 8 teams.

There will be a halfway break at the end of the 4th bracket for snacks, smokes, medication and comfort breaks as required.

Any Team nominations and changes to be submitted here - first in for team nominations to be accepted.
Please get your nominations in ASAP

To date we have nominations from: -

1 - FASTUFF - Mark and Stoo.
2 - Shake n Bake - Casey and Shalin
3 - SSME - Ron and Kenny
4 - GANGSTER - Jason and Chris
Another Probable Team
5 - TBA - Benno and Brooksy

OZ (Wayne and Cody) have not nominated as Wayne is sick of being walloped by FASTUFF in this event :lol: :lol: :lol:

So calling on

The Baxters
Wayne W
Jake (with Cody maybe)?
Neil B
Darryl T
Gregg T
Any others?

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Regards - Mark 8-)

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Re: HSC 4 Hour Enduro #3 (2019)

Postby petrolhead » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:56 pm

Sorry guys can not make it

Wayne W