New Again

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New Again

Postby dwellem » Wed Aug 22, 2018 4:20 pm

After quite some time away from the sport I have now purchased a small routed track. Unfortunately there is no power supply and no wiring diagram. Plus of course no race software. The light tower is still there, but no sensors. Can anyone direct me to websites which will help me to purchase and set up this track for some fun.
TIA Denis

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Re: New Again

Postby stoo23 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:17 pm

Hi Dennis and Welcome to Our Forum :)

Not sure Who or How many of us on here may be able to Help with regard to getting your Track Up & Running again.

Hopefully, Others will respond as well.

How Many 'Lanes' is it ?? and How Long ??,.. (Some Pics would be good), especially of the "Tower" you mentioned.

Depending on How it was Initially Set-Up, (component choices etc), it May or may Not be relatively easy to re-instate the Original equipment, else perhaps changing to some of the More Modern methodologies for lap counting might be Better/Easier !!??

There are a Number of Track Control / Lap Counting programs around,.. some Free (or atleast relatively Cheap) as far as I am aware and Depending on Number of lanes and types of cars you intend to run.
I think these are very Popular with Many Home Track setups;

Most of the larger Commercial Raceways here us a System designed by Gary Johnson of 'Johnson Systems', which may also be a consideration, depending on What you might be looking for.

You may also be interested in looking at and perhaps also joining another Forum, where a couple of Australias Most Prolific Track Builders regularly 'Hang-Out' (including Gary J), as both he and Kim Axton 'Axman' have a Wealth of experience !!

You can have a bit of a look perhaps at This 'thread' on the above forum, of a recent very Nice Track build by one of the more Active members there, who may also be able to advise on some of the 'specifics' you require, re; Sensor choices and Software etc,.. see here;
Definitely worth having a 'click' through !!

Suitable Power Supplies are relatively easy to come by,.. but perhaps obviously, At a Price.
The "PowerTech" brand of PSU's seem to be Very Popular with many Home Track Owner/racers.

Also you may also be able to get some advice/help over on the 'Ausslot' forums;
if you have no luck from the 'AusMcr' guys,.. (although I am Sure you probably Will,.. :)

Anyway,.. Hope that helps,.. 'post' some piccies and let us know what transpires / develops,..:)

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Re: New Again

Postby dwellem » Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:25 pm

Hello stoo, and thanks for the welcome. Unfortunately I am a bit slow to respond, and no one else has commented as yet. The track is 4 lanes and I have not measured all the lanes yet, but I fear that they are different, so will have to drive all the lanes to make it fair. It is a routed wooden track about 4300 m long and 2400 wide. As you can see from the pics I will attach, it has been landscaped and looks very good. I have not attached photos because I don't seem to be able to.
I now have purchased a variable power supply (so I can cut back power when the grandkids come).
As yet no others have responded. I have spent quite a few nights looking through this website and some others, and trying to get my head around it all. I have also purchased some more controllers, rather than use my old ones which were for much faster cars from about 15 years ago.
I have had a bit of a look at some race manager/lap counting software, but a lot of it seems to be from quite a while back and need a computer which are dinosaurs. I do have spare laptop which I may be able to get going
Do you have preference,for the race software preferably at a small or nil cost.
The light tower is simply some bulbs built into a bridge, with some holes where there had been sensors in the track itself. There is a wire going from the tower which I think goes to the power supply or some other source. Another bonus is the driver stations which have the same 3 pin connectors that I used to use (normal plug but with round earth)
There are 2 drivers stations on each side of the track. I started measuring the lanes but ran into difficulties, but They do appear to be of different lengths. There is also a squeeze for about a metre to hinder the faster drivers. Lane spacing is most suited to 1/32, but You could maybe run 1/24 with next to no passing opportunities, or maybe just use 2 lanes.
Yes Pageys track looks fantastic. and certainly bigger than most (he must have a very understanding partner)
I will gradually read through the information available and try and get my head around it.
I will be annoying people all over the place, trying to get a better understanding.
Thanks Denis

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Re: New Again

Postby dwellem » Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:27 pm

I think I have worked out putting in pictures. (I am a bit slow between the ears as well as on the track)
Resized_20180807_133159_01.jpeg (427.31 KiB) Viewed 1280 times
Resized_20180721_111025.jpeg (374.31 KiB) Viewed 1280 times
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