Scalextric Ferrari 312 T2 #2 Clay Reggazoni

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Scalextric Ferrari 312 T2 #2 Clay Reggazoni

Postby stoo23 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:12 pm

Here is Another Classic era car, also purchased (in Theory to race) during my SlotShop era.

It is (in Effect) Un-Raced, but Has had Some Track Time and includes some slight Extra Paint 'Detailing' to Improve it's Look/Accuracy (Helmet, Radiators etc).
I also had one of the McLaren M23's released at the same time, (which was Far Better to actually Race), which is why This unit is basically Unused.
NB: The 'Traction Magnet', has been Removed but Can be Supplied (if Required).

Price: $60.00
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