Maybe Change

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Maybe Change

Postby brady » Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:12 am

Hello All, Just been checking out the NSW CHAMPS results for Flexi cars.

Now it's just a suggestion (without going into a lot of BS about who wasn't there), to follow the U.S. trend and take the sealed motor thing further than GT1.
The FLEXI NATIONAL RACING SERIES has what seems to be a good set of rules using Hawk 7 and Retro Hawk motors with 'set pinions' for each class.
From memory they have GT1,GTP & LMP and use high downforce bodies on the faster cars.

Seems nobody wants to build motors anymore so why not consider this option.

Please give me your opinion.

They don't seem to have an actual 'Web Site' as such, everything is on FaceAche,.. see here;

Rules for GTP; ... 621779345/
Rules for LMP; ... __tn__=K-R
Being 'based' in the US, they also run a 'Stock Car' series, using the typical current Bewinged Nascar bodies, (similar to other Flexi Sedan style classes).

Look forward to your comments.
Regards Brad.

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby brady » Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:53 am

Thanks Stoo.Thats much better.

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby CAB77 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:19 pm

As of now we won't be racing supers at my raceway anymore. We are changing to the phoenix motor which in a JK chassis is 2 tenths under the lap record of supers all be it with a GTP body on it.

I feel that moving forward the simpler and easy we make the rules so everyone is on an even playing field the better. Locked gear ratio and I would even go as far as locking in chassis to certain classes. Hand out motors are also another way of evening out the field a little.

As someone who has taken sedan racing very seriously and know the extent I have gone to for some races I have a fair idea on how to keep people like myself under control. We once ran in and tested 30 hawk motors for 3 drivers to figure out which 1 is the best. I have tested up to 10 chassis and 5 different bodies all cut slightly different and mounted in different spots to figure out the best combination.

The closer we can make the racing and the easier we make it for someone to be competitive the more likely numbers can grow.
Slick 7 Raceway

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby brady » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:35 pm

Thanks Adrian,Agree 100 pct.You wont get a bigger fan of S16D than me.While I cant race anywhere near as much as I used to I want to see the sport continue.Lets see some more input guys.Regards Brad.

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby dtslot » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:45 am

Well done Adrian,,,,,keeping the racing simple and standard gearing and chassis for all in a class is the way to go.,,,if you want to attract new or even keep current racers ,,nothing beats a level playing field !!
cheers Darryl

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby ozproducts » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:45 am

These are all good inputs now here’s my 2 cents worth

I believe making it a level playing field is the way to go new guys who come and race get disappointed when there getting beat by 20 to 30 laps every time they come and race now I know there not going to win every time they pull the trigger but if they know there running the same stuff as the winners then that tells them that it’s the driver who is winning not the car but on the other hand a lot of this has to do with our racers not showing up I’m going to be blunt here but I know for a fact there a lot of people who won’t race either because it’s on the small track and it’s TOO HARD or BORING! Or won’t race cause it’s on the big track who effing cares if you love racing then what’s stopping you I understand there’s other factors like work or family commitments but when there’s not come racing I’ll race any car on any track because I love to race now this might sound cocky to some people but I don’t care it’s the truth I have stopped racing retro because 9/10 times I win and tbh it’s getting boring I haven’t been racing wing 12’s because I don’t have any of that stuff now back to the subject I’ve also found that there are too many classes for some people and also found that the racers don’t like change if we changed the motors they would bitch and moan like bloody hell now I need to buy 6 new motors for all my cars or 6 different chassis or 6 different bodies because of rule changes and they wouldn’t come back

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby brady » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:12 pm

Hello Gents.
My aim here was to try and point out that Flexi racing in Sydney is about become extinct.
Now Ive seen a lot of people come and go in my time racing at HSC and tracks in the Tuggerah area and its always been the same old pattern.
They turn up for six months then there gone. Why?

I love my racing but I CANNOT come down there like I used to.
The current crop of diehards cannot keep the the dream alive, the game needs a refresh man. Too many classes !!
Cody, your'e dead right.
I think we need to try the level playing field at least for Flexi Cars because it is what people want. eg: PORSCHE CUP, GT1, RETRO ETC.
Those guys that come down from QLD every FEB would not come if they had to race against motors built by the HSC Pros.

Now for sake of changing from $1OO-$200 Motors to $20 motors, with pretty close times I think its worth a shot.
No new chassis, not many $10 bodies.
Its stuff everybody has already got, I Am only talking 2 or 3 classes here.
(You all know what I think of one model of sealed motor but if your silly enough to buy 30 of them to find a good one then that's your business).
As pointed out elsewhere there are other models out there.

The Flexi has been the backbone of what we do for a long time because its cheap and easy.
Sort of like walking down Kings Cross at night. We should try to keep it there and give the new blokes some fun.
Regards Brad.

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Re: Maybe Change

Postby brady » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:56 am

Thanks again Stoo.maebee I wil get sum lesuns bowt puntewacion.braD.